Transduction Devices & Materials

The Transduction Devices and Materials research theme is by nature closely related to the research work of the other themes, in particular to the RF Systems theme work. The inherent close working relationship between the themes will provide the appropriate guidance to tailor the development of the materials, devices and substrates to match military related applications.

The level and the cost of ongoing research work in the areas of compound semiconductor materials / devices and also of high density / high power packaging materials is immense and could by no means be covered within this single DTC activity. Therefore only selected areas, which potentially offer the highest leverage to the MOD, are proposed within this research theme.

In constructing the research programme, the Consortium has sought to produce a programme balanced between highly innovative research and more incremental developments, which nevertheless offer high potential.

The first phase of the DTC research programme has been planned in detail, and involves projects spanning timescales of between one and three years. The work has been grouped into two sub-themes which are summarised below, together with the planned contributors to the research programme


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III-V Compound Semiconductors

day and night, all weather capability long range operation rapid, large area search capability detection of low signature targets affordable, robust systems for military platforms multi-function detection / ID capability

Packaging & Substrate Technologies

long range operation rapid, large area search capability affordable, robust systems for military platforms multi-function detection / ID capability

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