About the EMRS DTC

About the EMRS DTC

Defence Technology Centres (DTCs) are intended to be virtual centres of excellence in broad technology areas, which will allow the MOD to benefit from a source of expertise in specific areas of science and technology interest. Participants will see a return on their investment in sciences and technology through exploitation in future defence equipment and wider civilian applications. Each DTC will have a bespoke structure and funding arrangements; the MoD will invest up to £5 million per annum for up to 6 years.

About Finmeccanica

FinmeccanicaFinmeccanica is Italy’s leading high-tech company, operating in the design and manufacture of helicopters, aerostructures, satellites, space infrastructure, missiles and defence electronics. It plays a leading role in the European aerospace and defence industry, and participates in some of the biggest international programmes in the sector through well-established alliances with European and American partners. Finmeccanica also boasts significant manufacturing assets and skills in the transport, energy and IT sectors. The group is listed on the Milan stock exchange, and operates in Italy and abroad through 16 companies and 6 joint ventures. It employs around 51,000 staff in total. As part of its drive to maintain and build on its technological expertise, Finmeccanica spends the equivalent of over 16% of its revenues on research and development.

About SELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems

SELEX Sensors and Airborne SystemsSELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems, a Finmeccanica company, is one of Europe’s leading defence electronics companies which is 75% owned by Finmeccanica and 25% owned by BAE Systems and brings together the former Galileo Avionica in Italy and the UK based Avionics Group. SELEX Sensors and Airborne systems provides world class capabilities in surveillance, protection, tracking, targeting, avionics and imaging systems. The company employs some 7,600 employees and has operations in England, Scotland, Italy, and the United States.

About Thales UK

ThalesIn the UK, Thales delivers solutions from flight simulation and secure transactions to integrated communications, naval and air defence systems. Like any successful fighting force, it is well resourced, skilled and trained. Its 9000 people – 70% of them in engineering – work on 60 sites across the UK.

Thales UK is a major defence, aerospace and electronics company. It is UK based, UK managed and intent on meeting the needs of our military and industrial customers in the UK and in UK export markets. Its technology, based on dual civil and military capabilities, is world class and its plants and employees in the UK make a significant contribution to the nation’s economy, its technical capability and its industrial base.

Thales draws upon, and contributes to, the technical and business strength of the worldwide Thales Group. Thales UK is committed to the Thales global strategy of excellence including the integration of the Information Technology and Services businesses in a worldwide organisation.

Thales has the know-how and the capability, technically and financially, to undertake prime contracting in the UK. It is committed to understanding and serving the needs of all its customers, and to delivering on quality, time and cost.

About Roke Manor Research

Roke Manor ResearchSince 1956, Roke Manor Research has been a key technology provider to the defence industry and today is one of the UK’s leading research and development companies. Employing around 450 people at its site in Romsey, Hampshire, Roke Manor Research is responsible for some of the most innovative advances in communications and electronic sensor technologies.

About Filtronic Plc

FiltronicFiltronic plc addresses markets encompassing commercial wireless communication systems, electronic warfare systems, semiconductors and cable communications, and benefits from the global application of technology to engineer world class products for its customer requirements. The company’s philosophy encompasses the utilisation of innovative solutions to sustain technological leadership and provide reliable products, processes and systems to meet or exceed customers’ expectations. Filtronic plc has manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA, Finland, Australia and China.

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